HiRe is an application processing service that makes use of data on applications collected at econjobmarket.org. Click on one of the following options to see more.


The commercial version of HiRe offers enhanced processing services that aren't available on the main site at [econjobmarket.org](https://econjobmarket.org). For example
  1. Create your own users and add users that do not have econjobmarket account.
  2. Assign reviewers to applications (even automatically).
  3. Search for applications according to answers to custom questions, for example, find all the applicants to a certain position who claim veteran status, or who are male (or both).
  4. Create a custom rating system, then search by rating. For example, find all the applicants who were assigned to some reviewer who were rated as 'Definitely Interview'.
  5. View all the interviews you have scheduled through the econjobmarket interview scheduling system at a variety of different meeting locations.
  6. Backup all your applications to a zip file that can be transferred to your own computer. Alternatively, backup all the applications for applicants who your are interviewing so you can read them on the plane.
  7. View archived data from previous years.
  8. Some branding for your organization (you'll see your university logo when you view your applications).


    Improvements on the main site at econjobmarket.org mean that the free part of this program is no longer maintained. If you have been using the free hire service, simply use the corresponding services on the main site.

    To use the commercial version of hire, you need an econjobmarket recruiter account. A recruiter account on the main site is free. A simple verification process will provide a trust level that will help you with you ad campaign.

    At the time of writing a standard academic ad with application collection at econjobmarket.org is $200 US. The commercial HiRe service will add $500 US to your bill, for a total cost of $700 US. Prices are higher for non-academic ads. These prices are subject to change. To see the up to date prices, visit the bottom of the page at econjobmarket.org/pricing.

    The charge for HiRe will be added to your bill at econjobmarket.org if you choose to use the service. To arrange to use the service, or if you have questions, login to the main site at econjobmarket.org then submit a support request at Contact/Support link at the bottom of the page with the subject line "HiRe".