Create Backups

For a variety of reasons, you may want to make backups of your applications. A dean might decide, one or two years on to ask for the data. Alternatively, you might just want to do research on your own recruiting outcomes. This page describes two ways to get these.

Back up on the main site.

One way to backup your data is the use the main site at Login, then select your recruiter role. The default page will show all your current postings. Choose the posting you want to back up, then click on the link that shows the number of applications to the posting on the right hand side of the page.

The page that returns will show a list of applications. At the top left of the applicants list, click the box just left of the the phrase 'Name,Position,Degree'. This will select all your applications. Now just above that phrase, in the line that says 'Download Selected Applications', click the box that says 'in zip file'. When the process finishes, click the link that says 'View available zip files', and you be offered one or more zipped file archives that you can download.

Once you have transferred the file, put it in an empty folder somewhere on your computer and unzip it. If you open the index.html file that appears in your browser, you will see a list of your applicants with links to their various files.

You can also use the csv option to retrieve your data. The disadvantage of this approach is that you will only get very basic data in your csv file. There will be no pdf files, and you will not be able to see answers to custom questions.

Commercial version of hire

The commercial version does backups in a very similar way to the main website. The backup engine used by hire and the main website are the same, so they will produce the same backups if you try to save all the applications for a particular position. The commercial version allows you to fine tune your backups. For example, you can backup all the files for all positions if you want to. More useful might be to back up all the applicants that you have chosen to interview at some meeting, so you can read the files on your own computer in the plane.

To accomplish this, open the page that displays all your applicants. Suppose you want to send a file to one of your recruiting committee members will all the applicants who claim primary field 'Econometrics' so that he or she can review them. (Of course, it would be much easier to have them do this on the website directly, but it illustrates a point). Scroll down the list until you see an applicant whose primary field is econometrics, then click on the work 'Econometrics'. The website will produce a list of all the applicants whose primary field is econometrics, and leave out all the other applications.

Click the box on the top right that says 'Select All', then scroll to the bottom of the page. Where is says 'Provide a Description of your backup file', type in a description of your file - for example 'This file contains all the econometrics applicants'. Then just click "Apply to all selected Candidates".

The backup process can take a long time - expect 1 or 2 minutes when backing up 600 or more applications.

If it notifies you that all was successful, then choose the Administer link at the top of the page, then follow the link that says 'Backup Files for your Site'. You'll see the file there and can downloading it by clicking on its link.

Again, a warning, the backup files can be very large - multiple gigabytes in some cases, so don't download them at home unless you have unlimited data and don't attach them to mail messages.

A few last things. If you have already retired your applications, this won't do you any good. They won't be displayed on the hire web pages, so you won't be able to back them up. Second, the backup won't include any comments or ratings that you have left on the site. For those, you can use the method below.

Finally if disk space gets tight, we will remove older files from your collection. You should download them to your own computer, don't rely on them being stored forever.

Archives in the commercial version

The seasons data will be archived at some point once recruiting is finished. You can find the archives by following the Administration link, then looking at the Archives link. Then you can view the files, including all the comments as you originally saw them. This is useful if you have a retrospective request for a count of all the 'Veteran' applications. This archive will remain after you retire your applications on the main econjobmarket website.

If you are doing research on your own recruiting process, you can request the mysql dump file of your data so that you can query it directly.