Why use Hire?

Whether HiRE is the right choice for your department depends on how much functionality you want, how big your recruiting campaign is, and how much tech support you have. The point of HiRE is to make econjobmarket.org application data as widely and easily available as possible.

  1. Does a small recriting campaign need hire?

    If you expect fewer than 100 applications that will be reviewed by only 2 or 3 people, you don't need HiRE, you should just use the econjobmarket website directly to browse your applications. Large provincial universities can expect well over 500 applications for positions, so sophisticated processing probably makes more sense for them.
  2. Why not just use the econjobmarket.org website directly?
    The main website will show you all your applications and allow you to sort them to some degree. You can give access to up to 5 managers. Econjobmarket itself was not designed to process applications since the designers hoped not to impact the market for application processing in any way. So there is no way to rate applications, or share comments.

    Hire gives you rich sorting capabilities, for example, you can sort your applications according to answers to custom questions which is impossible on econjobmarket. You can create as many users on hire as you like. You can even give different access permissions to your recruiting committee and the rest of your faculty. On the econjobmarket website, you are limited to 5 users.

    You can see much of the functionality of HiRE by looking at the short video tutorials available by following the Video link in the wiki.
  3. Where will the confidential recruiting data be stored?

    One issue that is important for Canadian departments is that they are legally required to store confidential recruiting data on servers that are located in Canada. The HiRE site is maintained on cloud servers located entirely on the Vancouver campus of the University of British Columbia.

  4. Does HiRE offer any technical support?
    Hire bundles the basic software application with support in setting up your econjobmarket recruiter account and ad. Ad creation can be tricky at econjobmarket if you want to to ask very customized questions. Hire will help you set up this ad in a way that makes it easiest to process your applications.
  5. Why does HiRE cost so much?

    There are a number of considerations. The well worn one being that it costs money to maintain any operation of this kind. At this point, operational costs are somewhat uncertain. However, HiRE is promoted and run by non profit organizations (the CEA and econjobmarket.org are both non-profits) for the purpose of promoting efficiency in the economics job market. The basic market failure that econjobmarket.org tries to address is that active competition among software designers to provide processing services for HR departments leads to a proliferation of websites that collect application information. (Anyone who has submitted a recommendation for a student for graduate school understands this issue).
    Neither the CEA or econjobmarket.org wishes to interfere with this software market. One way to interfere would be to undercut these companies by providing application processing services at very low cost supported essentially by the fact that university labor is subsidized.
    Any surplus created by HiRE would be returned to economics, either through payments to students, or CEA sponsored activities.

  6. My university has an HR system with a private company, and they don't want us to use an independent system to collect applications. How can I use HiRE?
    This reflects the basic market failure in the provision of software services for HR. The economics job market is both very large, and global. The costs of proliferating HR websites requiring the same application information and reference letters to be submitted over and over again is very large, and simply discourages dissemination of information about applicants. Econjobmarket.org has tried to respond to this by providing an extensive backend API that private software companies can use to import econjobmarket applications directly into their systems. This API is documented at http://backend.econjobmarket.org. You might try lobbying your dean to put pressure on your HR sofware provider to make use of this API