Features of Hire

HiRe is web-based app designed to allow you to process application data on EconJobMarket.org.

When your organization places an ad for a PhD level economist position on EconJobMarket.org, you can have applicants apply directly at EconJobMarket.org so that there job market papers, cv and reference letters become available in HiRe. You can create an application at EconJobMarket.org that includes custom questions to be answered by applicants. You can later search for applicants on HiRe according to the answers they provided.

As a member of the recruiting committee you can assign applications to other users in your department, and have the comment on and rate applicants according to a scheme that you devise.

Later on, when you have decided who you want to interview, you can have EconJobMarket.org's automating interview scheduling system setup up your interviews for you.

If you are still processing paper applications, this process will allow you to spend your time evaluating candidates instead of processing paper.

By using HiRe you help to minimize search costs for the rest of the market by allowing applicants to apply to your department without creating new user accounts and transmitting the same applicant material over and over again. You also ease the load for faculty recommenders who no longer need to tranmits manu different letters to different application website (as they do for applications to grad school for example).