HiRE is a program that will allow you to process application data from Econjobmarket. It is a joint effort of the Canadian Economics Association and Econjobmarket.org. All data associated with HiRE is stored on servers at the University of Britsh Columbia.

This page is of no use to you unless you have your applicants apply for you position at econjobmarket. Even, then if you have only a couple of people on your recruiting committee and expect fewer than 100 applications, then you can get by perfectly well by logging in with your admin account at Econjobmarket.org, then browsing your applications there.

The main website at econjobmarket.org has very basic and quite limited tools for processing applications. If you prefer, you can use this site to process your applications as well. There is no additional charge for the services on this website, the price is included in your subscription to econjobmarket itself. The features of the site are described in some of the videos below. They include advanced search, assignment of applicants email applicants, rate applicants, tag applicants. If you login here using your econjobmarket credentials as a recruiter, you can browse your applications and explore some of the features.

If you have a large recruiting committee, want some limited branding on your site, tech support, and other additional features, there is a paid version of hire. Current prices are listed on the Pricing page. If you would like to explore the paid version of HiRe, login with your econjobmarket credentials, return to this page, and click on the Contact Us button to arrange for a license.

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